DB Farms

Horizontal drilling will resume in mid-December and finish up near the beginning of the year. Completions activities are scheduled to start in February, 2023.

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Horizontal drilling has begun and will finish up in early December. Completions activities will start in March, 2023.

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Horizontal drilling is expected to begin in mid-November and finish up near the end of January, 2023.

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Mt. Democrat - Swartz, Berry Farms, and Camenisch 

Berry Farms: Surface casing will begin in mid-November. Horizontal drilling will start in early January, 2023 and finish in early March.


Swartz and Camenish: We will begin pad construction for these locations in 2023.  

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Locations in Planning and Permitting

North Core: Rainbow and Blue Chip Pads

We are working through the state and local permitting process. We are planning on a hearing with the City of Greeley on October 25th and a COGCC hearing on November 16th. 

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Pikes Peak: Wardell, Moser, and Hethcock

The Weld County permits have been approved. We are planning on a hearing before the COGCC on November 30th. 

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We are working through the state and local permitting process and will provide updates soon.

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Land Fed

We are working through the state and local permitting process and will provide updates soon. We held a neighborhood meeting on September 20th, please see the slides linked to the right.

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Project Updates

Below you will find the latest updates for projects in development and permitting. You can find more information about the different phases of development under Oil and Gas 101.  If you have additional questions, please reach out to us on the Oxy Response Line. Operational timeframes are impacted by various factors and are subject to change; we will keep you updated via this web page

Locations under Development

Locations Previously Developed

Project Archives

Please click here to view the project archives for wells athat are producing.

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Well Maintenance

State Well Pad

Our highest priority is to conduct our business in a manner that protects the safety and welfare of communities, our employees, and the environment.


Last year elective soil vapor sampling on the State pad identified an isolated area of gas in the shallow soil. As part of further evaluation, we decided to re-enter the wells to locate and seal the potential source of gas. Re-entering the wellbores to evaluate plug integrity and then re-plugging the wells is a challenging and time-consuming process. Although the process is taking longer than we initially anticipated, nothing we have encountered has been unexpected. While our operations are visible to the community, we believe the benefit of re-plugging these wells outweighs the short-term visual impact.


Our evaluation and testing continue to show no risk to the community or environment. In addition, there are no detectable environmental impacts beyond the fenced project area. Since we began continuous air monitoring at this location in August 2021, there’s been no instance where levels approached the Health Guidance Value. We will continue to post project updates and air monitoring reports here.


Background: Last year, our teams detected methane in an isolated, below-ground area near the recently retired State 30-16 well approximately 5 feet below the surface. We notified the appropriate local and state entities and took the following safety measures:

·         installed continuous air monitoring,

·         placed a fence around the location, and

·         added additional subsurface sampling points for further testing.

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